Weighed Down

Our license server broke somehow so I can’t compile and I can’t run our testing software. Considering that’s about all I do nowadays I guess I won’t be getting much done the rest of the day, unless the IT guys figure out what’s wrong.

The downside to bored engineers is that they do things like this:

Karl, being bored and not a big fan of our testing software, made a fake logo for the software. It’s name is LDRA, so he made a logo that said “LARD”.

Here’s the original:
Original LDRA Logo

Here’s the new one:
Original LDRA Logo

This story gets better. Since I am also an engineer, and bored, I downloaded a resource editing program and modified the splash screen of the application so Karl’s version of the logo is now displayed. Karl is currently off editing some dialog boxes that annoyingly pop up every time you make a change and ask if you really want to do that.

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