Worlds Apart

I came home from the store last night to find the apartment quiet. I had expected my wife to be there, reading quietly on the couch. Instead the lights were dim in the living room and my ears noted the lack of her gentle breathing. I approached the table and noted that dinner had been set for one. Next to the plate I found a note that read:

I love you, but I’ve left you for a bath tub.”

Darling, we can work this out. Please come back to me.

4 Responses to Worlds Apart

  1. Ouch man… left for a Bathtub… I knew a guy on time whose girl friend left him for a tuba. Never heard of a bathtub though. ouch. Sorry.


  2. She is happier man, let her be.

    Looking forward to seeing you both this weekend. It has been far too long.

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